Day: May 16, 2022

THA infrastructure secretary presents proposals to IDB

News Newsday Reporter 10 Minutes Ago THA secretaries Trevor James, fourth from left, and Ian Pollard, third from left, at a meeting on Friday with Inter-American Development Bank country representative Carina Cockburn, fourth from right, and other officials, at the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development, Scarborough. – DIQUD Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and […]

Residential school survivors, Indigenous leaders say Queen should apologize next

Now that residential school survivors have an initial apology from Pope Francis for the conduct of some Catholics at the facilities, president of the Métis National Council Cassidy Caron says the Queen should be the next to apologize. Following a suggestion from a Métis residential school survivor, Caron is calling on Queen Elizabeth II, as Canada’s head of state and leader of the Anglican Church, to apologize for the operation of residential […]

Farm workers in cannabis grow-op raids often oblivious to criminal nature, OPP say

Illegal marijuana grow operations most often crop up on the Ontario Provincial Police’s radar in Essex County, and during raids, farm workers are “almost every time” completely unaware of the criminals behind the cannabis, police told CBC News. Organized crime entities use illegal cannabis grow operations as “easy, quick” cash that’s “relatively risk free,” according to Det.-Insp. […]

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