Guayaguayare woman ‘not faring well’ since daughter’s murder


Allyson Mohammed is inconsolable over the death of her daughter Krishana Mohammed who was chopped to death on Wednesday in Guayaguayare. – AYANNA KINSALE

Since the brutal chopping death of 24-year-old Ellen Krishana Mohammed on Wednesday at the family’s home, her mother, Allyson Mohammed, has not been faring well.

“She has diabetes and does not see too well.

“She is broken. Ellen was like her nurse and looked her,” Ellen Mohammed’s father, Steve Jones, told Newsday by phone on Monday.

Jones said relatives identified ‘s body on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James. An autopsy is set to be done later in the week after a covid19 test.

Mohammed, the mother of three from La Brea Village in Guayaguayare, was hacked to death by a male relative, 40. He almost severed her neck during the attack. No one else was injured.

Shortly after the murder, the unemployed suspect walked out the road with a bloodied cutlass. He stopped a passing police car and told the police what he had done. They immediately arrested him.

Ellen Krishana Mohammed.

Up to Monday afternoon, he was still in custody.

Relatives said Mohammed was a victim of domestic abuse and had made several reports against the suspect to Mayaro police. They accused the police of failing to act.

“Look at how gruesome my daughter lost her life. I feel that could have been avoided if the police had locked him up when she made the reports,” Jones said.

The police said they were investigating two reports made by Mohammed of threats against her. Police said they warned the culprit on both occasions and told her to get a restraining order against him.

Mohammed’s father remembered how much she enjoyed modeling. In 2018, she competed in the Miss Mayaro Beauty Pageant hosted by the Mayaro Regional Carnival Committee, representing La Brea Village.

Homicide Bureau Region II is leading investigations.

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