Navet plant shutdown to cause issues in southeast Trinidad


File photo of Navet dam.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) announced in a release on Monday that the Navet Water Treatment Plant had to be shut down so the distribution system could be flushed. Work is expected to be completed by 4 pm on Monday.

People will experience low water pressure or no water at all because of a “power trip which resulted in low clearwell levels at the facility.”

WASA advised the public to let dicoloured water run until it is clear because of the flushing. It apologised for any inconvenience caused and thanked customers for their patience and understanding.

Affected areas:

Princes Town (Churkoo Village, Cedar Hill, Manahambre, Malgretoute, Iere Village, Craignish, St Croix, Cunjal, Papourie, Jaipaulsingh, Lengua), Williamsville, Tabaquite, Poonah, Reform, Harmony Hall, Morne Roche Quarry Road, Morichal, Piparo, Whiteland, Sisters Road, Brothers Road, Hardbargain, Rio Claro, Cushe, parts of Mayaro, Tableland, New Grant, Cachippe, Hindustan, Poui Trace, St Julien, St Mary’s, Friendship, Ste Madeleine, Cedar Hill, Borde Narve, Bronte, Monkey Town, Barrackpore, Penal Rock Road, Rochard Road, Rochard Douglas Road, Bunsee Trace, Clarke Road, Lengua, Golconda, Retrench, Corinth, Palmyra, Reform, Mt Stewart, St Charles and St Clement’s.

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