Why didn’t EMA shut down event after noise complaints?


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Citizens Against Noise Pollution TT (CANPTT) has released a statement asking the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) why its police unit did not shut down Josie’s Jamishness at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Tarouba Link Road on Saturday.

It said officers warned the event managers about exceeding noise levels, but nothing was done, even with many communities in south Trinidad being affected.

CANPTT asked if there were other reasons the EMA protocols were not followed or enforced.

It said the EMA said in a release on Monday that a report would be made to determine if there was a breach of the noise pollution control rules before any action could be taken.

CANPTT said residents in the area were “robbed of peace, rest and sleep” for most of Saturday night and Sunday morning. It said the EMA “came across as condescending and insincere,” since it advised people to make complaints to get help.

It said this advice was “ironic,” after there had been years of complaints that went without attention or solutions from the EMA or police, as they were deemed insignificant.

CANPTT called on the acting Police Commissioner, McDonald Jacob, and the EMA to meet with it “to address the critical issue of noise pollution enforcement.”

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