Princes Town police sergeant’s home firebombed


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A police sergeant and his family narrowly escaped with their lives after his Princes Town home was firebombed on Thursday morning.

Three vehicles were destroyed, along with pet birds.

Reports said around 2.30 am, Sgt Jaipersad Baran, 45, of Corial Road, Iere Village, was asleep with his family when he heard a loud explosion outside.

When he looked through a door he saw his entire garage was in flames.

Baran tried unsuccessfully to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, but the fire began spreading.

Princes Town police and fire services department were contacted and a team of fire officers led by FSO Haniff Majeed extinguished the blaze.

However, they were not able to save cars which were in the garage – two Tiidas and a B13.

The concrete house was not insured.

Crime scene investigators are checking for CCTV footage as investigations continue into the suspected arson.

Baran was last attached to the Central Division, but is on vacation at present.

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