Help find stolen gate from city square


A gate is missing from one of the entrances to Lord Harris Square on Pembroke Street, Port of Spain. – AYANNA KINSALE

Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez has called on the police to investigate the disappearance of a gate at Lord Harris Square.

When Newsday drove past just after noon, the left side of the double steel gate, on the eastern side of the square, along Pembroke Street, was missing.

Hours earlier Martinez raised the issue with members of the corporation during the monthly statutory meeting at City Hall, Port of Spain as he spoke about the upkeep of the city. He said no one knew what had happened to it.

“Recently we lost the gate at Lord Harris Square and they can’t find it. We don’t know where it has gone and they can’t find it, although we have cameras in the city of Port of Spain.

“I want to ask the police to step up that investigation…”

“We had a situation with manholes where people were stealing it for scrap iron. We found it back and we replaced the covers.”

Police told Newsday they have not received reports of a missing gate from that square. Only after a report is made will an investigation be launched.

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