Waste management rules, fees take effect Tuesday


Hazardous waste at a disposal facility in Mt Hope. Photo by Roger Jacob

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has announced that its Waste Management Rules (WMR) and Waste Management Fees Regulations (WMFR) will be effective from Tuesday.

In a release on Friday, the EMA said WMR and WMFR were presented before the House of Representatives on July 2, 2021, and the Senate on July 5. The regulations will help improve management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste by getting companies to apply for a waste generation permit or a waste handling permit.

It said the permits will ensure all stages of waste; generation, processing, treatment, packaging, storage, transportation, collection, disposal, recovery and recycling are done safely.

The EMA noted that radioactive waste, gaseous emissions and wastewater from wastewater treatment plants do not fall under these legislation.

Companies with the waste generation permit can produce non-hazardous waste at or above a specified amount or any amount of hazardous waste. Those with the waste handling permit, though, are responsible for collection, storage, processing, treatment, recovery, recycling or disposal.

Companies interested in applying for the WMR can do so within 60 working days after Tuesday and WMFR applications can be sent within 90 working days, once notified by the EMA. All applying must be existing waste generation or handling facilities.

The EMA said some companies have already been notified and applications must be sent by September 12 but, for clarification, people can email [email protected]

It advised the public to visit its website, www.ema.co.tt or social media platforms for more information on WMR, WMFR and proper waste disposal.

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