Working people will help TT


MSJ Leader David Abdulah. –

MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah opined that working people will help Trinidad and Tobago overcome its challenges.

He expressed this opinion in his Indian Arrival Day message to the nation.

“The future of our country will once again depend on the working people – descendants of the indentured Indians and the descendants of enslaved Africans – to unite in a powerful movement for real change. “

Abdulah observed, “This period – from Indian Arrival Day to Labour Day (June) to Emancipation Day (August) – is one in which we mark three major milestones in our country’s evolution.”

He lamented that divisions in society continue to be ” fuelled by a party politics where the two traditional parties have ethnic bases which they cultivate and mobilise to win elections.”

Abdulah reiterated his view that political and other elites in TT do their best to maintain the status quo in their favour.

He hoped the example set by East Indian indentured labourers as they carved out a space for themselves within the national identity would inspire other people to unite in common purpose.

Abdulah said political and other elites know that “real constitutional reform, major changes to what is taught in our schools, and how political power is organised will mean an end to their position of privilege.”

He reiterated his call for a “revolution of the mind” to break the mental slavery of racial divisions fostered by the PNM and UNC.

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