Atlanta police stop show featuring Kes, Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy


Kees Dieffenthalller
Photo courtesy Overtime Media.

Atlanta, Georgia police stopped the annual Wear White event, featuring Kes the Band, Farmer Nappy, Nadia Batson and Melick, on Sunday.

Kes the Band’s media representative confirmed the event had been stopped, but could not say why.

On its Instagram page, the event’s organisers JT and Associates said it was upset about what took place.

It said, “We have been holding this event for the past 22 years for our community and we, at JTA, also look forward to this weekend yearly to everyone and reconnect with our roots here in Atlanta.

“We have never had an issue like this in the past and we are working diligently on the best solution for all those who did not have the opportunity to join us at Wear White 22.”

It asked its followers to stay tuned for updates.

The event was described as the biggest annual Sunday night fete for Memorial Carnival weekend. It was held on May 29.

In a one-minute-31-second viral social media video, a woman is heard saying, “They did not have police for Buffalo shooting. They did not have police for Texas shooting but they have police to shut down Kes in Atlanta.

“Just imagine that…”

She said the fire department said there were too many people in the venue. Scores of people in white were seen walking away from a venue.

“They put the lights on. The only thing they did not do is play the anthem, and then the police and them come. They come inside and say, ‘You got to leave.’”

The woman told her hearers to look at what was happening on the streets outside Atlanta.

“Never in Trinidad and Tobago. Oh, 2023 I’ll be in TT. Imagine that s–t.”

She repeated that there were no police for Buffalo and Texas shootings but there were police for Kes and the “set of West Indian, black people in Atlanta.”

She said if she had not recorded it people would not believe her and she panned her phone camera to show a line of police cars with flashing lights on.

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