PSA launches discount card for members on Wednesday


PSA leader Leroy Baptiste –

THE Public Services Association (PSA) is expected to launch its Advantage Plus discount card on Wednesday.

The launches will be at its headquarters, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain and at the Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort, Lowlands, Tobago.

They will be held simultaneously at 5pm, with the latter being presided over by PSA industrial relations officer, Tobago region, Hayden Duke.

PSA president Leroy Baptiste told Newsday the discount card was reconceptualised as a mechanism to offset inflation.

“Everybody is lamenting how inflation has clobbered people’s purchasing power. So what we have done is to try to leverage the membership by converting the membership card into a discount card. So I am reintroducing a membership card, but it shall be a discount card,” he told Newsday.

Baptiste said the card will allow the building-out of a membership base with merchants.

“We will be engaging them directly to get discounts, based on the members that we have. I will also be bringing customers to them.”

He said the PSA has also partnered with Medicard.

“When people are working but the money cannot meet their basic needs, they tend to sacrifice their health. So they have a headache or bellyache, they not going and check it. But is really that they do not have any money.

“It is a discount card. So what the government eh do, we will have to do. We have to try to leverage our membership to give them some kind of advantage.”

Duke said while the union’s Tobago arm is still very upset about the government’s wage offer for 2014-2021, workers have agreed to put their grievances aside temporarily to celebrate the launch of the card.

However, he assured the government’s wage offer is still on the front burner.

“In terms of any action relating to the two per cent, we will not be focusing on that, but what the PSA has been able to deliver to its membership – that is a discount card that will be launched at the rooftop of the PSA and at the Magdalena Resort.

“But after that, I will refocus on the topic of the day,” he told Newsday.

Last Friday, public servants in Trinidad marched through through Port of Spain, demanding that Chief Personnel Officer Dr Daryl Dindial revisit his counterproposal of two per cent for 2014-2021.

Tobago’s public servants did not march but wore black in a show of solidarity. Duke said the workers are expected to intensify their protest this week.

The island has about 4,000 public servants employed with the Tobago House of Assembly.

Dindial is expected to meet with the union leaders sometime this month to discuss the issue.

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