Kidnapped Venezuelan woman released


Maryeisy Carolina Barrios-Baldallo, was released after being kidnapped during an early morning robbery at her home on Demerara Road in Wallerfield. –

Hours after 22-year-old Maryeisy Barrios Baldallo was kidnapped from the bedroom of her Wallerfield home on Tuesday morning, she was released by her captors.

Baldallo was at her Demerara Road, Wallerfield, home with her husband Jofre Piñero Herrera at around 2.19 am when a group of gunmen stormed the house.

The men subdued three other Venezuelan men who lived at the house and bundled Baldallo in the backseat of a black Mitsubishi SUV before driving off.

Herrera left the house to get help before he was seen by the bandits.

Police said the captors dropped Baldallo off in Arima at around 6 pm.

She took a taxi to her home and her relatives called the police.

Arima CID officers took Baldallo to the hospital where she was examined.

Investigators said Baldallo did not appear to have been harmed, but will interview her with the help of a translator.

Police said while investigations are ongoing, they suspect the kidnapping was not planned and was a crime of opportunity.

No one has yet been arrested. Arima CID police are continuing enquiries.

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