Day: June 4, 2022

Jason Kenney didn’t know when to stop talking. Doug Ford did

There he was, a re-elected and relaxed-looking Premier Doug Ford on the morning after his win in Ontario. He parried media questions about future cabinet-making, proportional representation and more, his every pivot back to his own talking points punctuated by applause from the assembled Progressive Conservatives somewhere off-camera. Flashing those pearlies, lightly joshing with reporters. […]

Inside a Halifax university’s battle to save face after spending nearly $500K on a football game

As Saint Mary’s University fought a costly and public legal battle to play in a 2017 football game, the Halifax university hired a high-profile public relations company to get advice on how the institution could improve its public image. The dispute over a player’s eligibility played out in courts in Nova Scotia and Ontario, and included a […]

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