Flow opens new store in Chaguanas


(From left) Roberta Norman-Reverand, director of Flow’s Business-to-Consumer division, Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed, Flow VP and general manager Simone Martin-Sulgan, and Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit at the opening of Flow’s retail store at Price Plaza, Chaguanas on Wednesday. – Lincoln Holder

THE opening of Flow’s new retail store in Chaguanas offers better services to customers and stimulates more business activities. Flow vice-president Simone Martin-Sulgan and Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit expressed these views at the opening of the store at Price Plaza, Chaguanas on Wednesday.

Flow formerly had a store in the heart of Chaguanas.

Martin-Sulgan said, “We realised that the experience being received by our customers was not one that we were proud of.”

Customers wait outside the newly-opened Flow retail store at Price Plaza, Chaguanas on Wednesday. – Lincoln Holder

She said this included cramped conditions inside the former store, and customers sometimes having to wait outside for lengthy periods before being able to enter.

The new store offers advantages such as a location in a well-established shopping plaza, better parking and a bigger store, inside and outside.

“Customers can come in, self-serve, and they can speak to agents. It is a much-improved overall customer experience.”

The greater interior space within the store, and several automated kiosks, were some of Flow’s innovations as it adapted operations to deal with challenges posed by the covid19 pandemic over the last two years.

“I think one of the things that the pandemic has taught us is that we all had to quickly pivot and embrace a digital way of life and technology.”

Martin-Sulgan said this allows customers either to be immediately directed to an agent to conduct their business, or do their transactions at an automated kiosk if no personal interaction is needed.

Flow is also launching a QR code because it recognised some customers may still be reluctant about physically going to its stores because of covid19.

Ramcharan Bhawanee, 73, pays a bill with the assistance of customer service representative Folade Cummings.
– Lincoln Holder

Martin-Sulgan said, “If you are one of those (people), you can scan the QR code and simply either walk around the shop or sit in the comfort of your car and wait until your number is up for you to be served.”

Special consideration is given to customers who are senior citizens who may not be au courant or comfortable with using digital technology.

Martin-Sulgan said the store also caters for physically-handicapped people with its wide interior space and hybrid business approach which allows for in-person and virtual services.

“We are making it easier for them to embrace the technology. There are some (customers) who are more traditional and we’re making it simple.”

Flow’s store at Gulf City Shopping Mall in La Romaine offers similar features. The company also has retail stores at Trincity Shopping Mall and Nicholas Towers in Port of Spain.

Martin-Sulgan said Flow will continue to offer its customers improved packages with faster internet speeds, and better value for money.

She also said, from a national corporate social responsibility perspective, Flow continues to do its part to help families across TT who have been challenged by the pandemic. This includes donations of free internet access, laptops, and tablets to students in communities such as Princes Town, Diego Martin, Mayaro and Preysal.

Mohit agreed with Martin-Sulgan about the benefits the new store offered.

“This is a tremendous upgrade for not only persons from the business community, but all persons living within the borough of Chaguanas.”

Mohit was Chaguanas mayor before being elected an MP in the August 10, 2020 general election.

She was happy about the accessibility the new store offers compared to its former location. “From what I’ve just seen, it is really, really comfortable and embracing the pandemic.”

Mohit was happy that Flow was providing a quick, efficient and safe service for its customers as the pandemic continues.

“I see arising out of the pandemic, despite what the challenges are, persons are embracing business opportunities and trying their best to make customers comfortable and to make every service accessible to customers.”

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