93 new infections, 6 new covid19 deaths


Image courtesy CDC

THE country has recorded 93 new covid19 infections and six more deaths according to the Health Ministry’s daily covid19 update on Sunday.

The update said that the 93 new cases reflected the results of samples taken between June 2-4 and was not over the past 24 hours.

The total positive cases recorded in TT from March 2020 to present is 162,849.

Of the six new deaths, three were elderly males and three elderly females. Since March 2020, there have been 3,938 deaths due to the virus.

Of the six victims, one had a comorbidity while the rest had multiple comorbidities. The comorbidities presented included hypertension, heart disease, lung and kidney diseases and cancer.

A total of 150,546 people have recovered from the virus with 17 having been recently discharged from hospital and 217 recovered community cases.

A total of 320,902 people have been tested at private facilities while 431,645 have been tested for the virus at public health facilities.

The country’s vaccine coverage is as follows:

* 692,912 vaccinated with the first of a two-dose regimen.

* 57,176 fully vaccinated under the single-dose regimen.

* 655,601 fully vaccinated with a two-dose regimen.

* 160,064 have received a booster dose.

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