Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team gets lawyers’ letter


Leader of the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team Vallence Rambharat. –

The leader of the group Hard Grounds Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team has issued a pre-action protocol letter to another group bearing a similar name Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team, headed by Vallence Rambharat.

The letter dated April 30, came from attorney Gerald Ramdeen on behalf of Hard Grounds Search and Rescue Team, formed by Anjit Ren Gopiesingh.

Hard Grounds Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team said Rambharat had 28 days to stop using what it claimed was its name and engaging in activities related to its purpose.

It said the Hard Grounds Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team was formed in February 2021 to assist in the search for kidnap victim Andrea Bharatt, and continued to assist the public in similar circumstances while helping law enforcement agencies with search-and-rescue missions in difficult terrain. Bharatt’s body was found in the Heights of Aripo on February 4, 2021.

The group then, it said, included Rambharat and other members, but not all of them shared its values and mission of charity and public assistance.

Hard Grounds Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team claimed Rambharat acted in a way that undermined the activities of the group, which led to his expulsion.

“This group that you formed sought to engage in activities that were identical to that of the proposed claimant (Hard Grounds Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team) with malicious, premeditated and mischievous intentions.”

It said the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team clearly meant to misrepresent itself and pass itself off as the Hard Grounds Hunters team “in both the publicity that is ascribed to the proposed claimant and the contributions that are received from members of the public.”

Hard Grounds Hunters alleged that the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team’s actions were calculated to injure the goodwill and reputation of the Hard Grounds Hunters and had done so.

Hard Grounds Hunters’ letter said it would take all necessary steps to protect its goodwill and reputation, including but not limited to a High Court injunction.

When Newsday contacted Rambharat on Monday afternoon he said neither he nor his group’s members had received any pre-action protocol letter.

Newsday sent him a copy, to which responded, “This is the first time I am seeing it. When I actually get the letter, then I would decide on what to do.”

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