I is a big woman


Arouca Police Station –

A 22-year-old Tacarigua woman who was reported missing on May 29 told police she was safe but did not provide any further information on where she was during the period she was missing.

Police said the woman was reported missing by a relative at the Arouca police station.

The woman visited the Arouca police station at around 1 am last Friday but was uncooperative with investigators.

She told officers, “I is a big woman,” when asked to give a written statement.

The woman was allowed to leave the station.

When contacted for comment, senior police said while no crime was committed they were disappointed in the lack of co-operation from the woman and hoped people would be more considerate to the efforts of the police.

“We want people to partner with the police – remember, if you come to us we will expend resources, manpower, time and vehicles.

“When people go missing we are obligated to conduct investigations and unfortunately there are instances where people can turn up dead, so we expect when people are the subjects of missing-persons reports that they co-operate with the police and contact us.

“We expect that these people would behave in a responsible, mature manner and while we understand there is no obligation on their part, we expect there is some courtesy.”

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