Virtual classes resume for migrant children


The children of Venezuelan migrants such as these seen waiting to be processed at the port in Cedros, can now access virtual classes online as a programme for this type of learning, has resumed. FILE PHOTO –

VIRTUAL classes have resumed for children under the Equal Place education programme for Venezuelan migrant children.

Last Tuesday, more than 1,500 children who were registered in the educational project, switched on their computers as the classes resumed.

In a statement sent via WhatsApp to parents, Simone Aguilera-Hay, director of the programme, reported that virtual classes would resume.

“We are pleased to inform you that we are now able to resume the Equal Place education programme, as well as our early childhood development services and our child guidance services, effective May 31, 2022,” she said in the text.

Venezuelan migrant children were without classes for nearly two months, due to the end of the agreement with the main sponsors of the program.

“The past few weeks have been long and difficult for all of us and we thank you for your kindness and patience. We hope that our services will be available to you and your families again,” Aguilera-Hay said in the WhatsApp message.

Equal Place will notify the date and time for regular meetings of parents, guardians, and caregivers with their facilitators, in which parents will have the opportunity to ask questions, obtain more information and clarify doubts about their children’s online class schedule and future activities.

Current arrangements the Government has with registered Venezuelan migrants allowed to work and live in TT, do not extend to public education for their children. As such, private paid tuition and the online classes are the only avenues available for these children to get an education.

“We congratulate our CSEC and Dawere students for their hard work and wish them well on their exams and assessments,” the text added.

Parents can also get guidance on all the services of Living Water Community, one of the promoters of Equal Place. Any comments or suggestions can be shared at [email protected]

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