Roofs blown off in bad weather


A woman braves a heavy shower in San Fernando. File photo –

The Office of Disaster Preparedness Management (ODPM) has reported three incidents of damage to property due to the bad weather on Saturday morning.

It said two roofs were blown off, one on Mamoral Main Road, Mamoral and the other in Caparo Valley, Palmiste. A fallen tree in Cunaripo, Sangre Grande also affected a T&TEC pole which the utility hadn’t responded to up to midday.

With the tropical wave affecting TT as reported by the Met Office on Friday, the ODPM asked people to protect themselves during the bad weather. People should secure their roofs in the event of gusty winds and move to higher grounds if lower levels are threatened by floods. People should have numbers of the municipal corporations in case their homes are impacted and should monitor the ODPM’s and Met Office’s websites.

The ODPM said people should keep an emergency kit with medical supplies ready. It must also include face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers given the ongoing covid19 pandemic. It advised that people should plan with their neighbours in case they need help and assist the vulnerable in their community. It added that overgrown trees should be trimmed or removed and so should debris and loose objects.

If anyone wishes to contact the ODPM, call 511 or 800-ODPM

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