Met Office discontinues yellow-level weather alert


File photo: A woman struggles with her umbrella as she exits a car on Independence Square, Port of Spain during heavy rainfall.

On Monday afternoon, the Met Office discontinued the yellow-level weather alert.

The weather alert update at 2.34 pm said conditions have settled, and light to moderate showers might continue in various places.

The update said the possibility of thunderstorms has decreased to about 30-40 per cent.

The Met Office encouraged people to monitor their surroundings, especially near major water courses, as runoffs into these are contributing to a steady rise in river levels. It warned that people should not wade or drive through floodwaters.

The yellow-level weather alert started on Monday at 5 am and was initially set to last until midday on Tuesday.

The Met Office issued the alert on Sunday and warned that brief, gusty winds might be strong enough to break tree branches, unsecured roofs and outdoor objects.

The bad weather on Monday morning did not result in any reports of injuries or damage in south Trinidad.

Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy said he and other council members got no reports of flooding or damage to property.

“We did not have rains for the past few days, so the water levels had gone down. The water is rising, but everything is ok,” Sammy said. “The corporation is on standby to help the people if the need arises. We are prepared and have sandbags and equipment to go out.”

There were reports of flash flooding in low-lying areas like Tasker Road in Princes Town and parts of Gasparillo, Claxton Bay and Penal.

Chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation (MRCRC) Raymond Cozier said there was flooding in the Plum Mitan area.

“The water levels are rising, but the corporation has not received any reports of major disasters. We are monitoring the situation.”

Owing to the bad weather, the South-West Regional Health Authority announced on Monday afternoon that several health centres had closed early.

The centres were at Todd’s Road, Flanagin Town, Tabaquite, Moruga, Williamsville and Rochard Douglas.

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