Tobago records 41% crime detection rate


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Senior Supt, Tobago Division, Junior Benjamin is boasting of a 41 per cent detection rate in crime on the island.

Benjamin provided the update as he spoke on the Tobago Updates show on Monday.

“I believe that the TTPS on a whole, we continue to fight crime and I believe in the Tobago space in particular, we can be absolutely proud in terms of the strides that has been taking place in the midst of all the little crimes that we see here and there.”

He said at this point in time, the island is six per cent lower than the crime rate recorded in 2021.

“Last year we had a lot of different things to carry down the crime rate – be it state of emergency, the (public health) regulations; we don’t have that any more but still we are minus six per cent below the crime rate.”

In updating on the four major robberies on the island this year, he said there have been arrests in three.

“We had two in terms of the gas stations at Taxi Corp and Orange Hill. We had two credit unions as well – Lambeau and COPOS. We would have arrested two persons in relation to the Lambeau Credit Union and Taxi Corp and just last week we would have arrested another person with the Orange Hill gas station robbery.”

Additionally, he said that in the last week, 26 warrants were executed and 16 people were arrested.

In terms of murders, he said there has been no increase.

“We had four murders thus far, last year around this time we had four.”

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