Police seize shotgun in Belmont


A 12 gauge shotgun was found and seized in a forested area in St Francois Valley Road, Belmont, on Tuesday morning.


An anti-crime exercise in Belmont led to the seizure of a shotgun on Tuesday morning.

Police said members of the Port of Spain Task Force began the exercise at around 8 am and ended it at around 11.30 am.

During the exercise officers received information that a gun was hidden in a forested track in St Francois Valley Road, Belmont and went to the area at around 10.15 am.

Police searched the area and found a .12 gauge shot gun hidden in a crocus bag under a bag of garbage.

No one was arrested in relation to the gun.

The exercise was co-ordinated by ACP William Nurse, Snr Supt Neil Brandon John and led by Supt Daly, ASP Walker, acting Insp Knott with field operations by Sgt Alexander, Cpls Sookhoo, St Bernard, Williams and PCs Aguilera, Garraway, Marshall and WPCs Lewis and Cadore.

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