132 covid19 cases, five deaths


Image courtesy CDC.

The Ministry of Health has reported that there are 132 new covid19 cases of Friday afternoon.

In their 4 pm covid19 update, the ministry reported that the results were obtained from samples that were collected between June 14 and 16.

The total number of active cases of Friday afternoon was 7,519.

The number of covid19 cases has shown an overall increase since Monday, when 106 cases were reported. The highest number was recorded on Thursday, with 324 cases.

It was also reported that there were five new covid19-related deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 3,973.

These deaths were three elderly men, an elderly woman and a middle-aged woman.

The comorbidities among those who died were diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. Four people had multiple comorbidites and one person had no known comorbidities.

The update also reported that 713,281 people are now fully vaccinated,686,719 people have received their first dose or no dose of a vaccine and 162,292 booster doses have been administered.

As of Friday afternoon 154,108 people had recovered from covid19, while 18 people were discharged from public health facilities.

The update also reported that there were 217 recovered community cases.

The update noted that there are 131 covid19 patients at hospitals, with 7,387 patients in home self isolation and no patients in step-down or transition facilities.

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