Pastor calls for cops to arrest Moruga couple’s killers


Nigel Chance –

Seventh-Day Adventist pastor, Dr Clive Dottin, has called for the police to find the killers in Wednesday’s double homicide in Moruga.

Dottin, who knows the family, recalled praying with Surita Deosaran at her home a few days before her murder in St Mary’s Village.

Deosaran, 36, and her husband Nigel “Nyo” Chance, 43, were shot dead in their home shortly before 5 pm on Wednesday.

The couple’s eight-year-old son was not at home.

“This has come as a thunderbolt, and I understand what Nigel Chance’s mother said that there was a hole in her heart,” Dottin said on i95.5 FM on Friday.

“I think the grief that parents express especially when their children are gunned down requires national attention. I hope the police move expeditiously on the killers.”

On the night of March 22, Deosaran was shot and wounded while driving home in her jeep.

Surita Deosaran –

A police report said shooters in a white car shot Deosaran in the moving jeep, causing her to crash. She spent several weeks in the San Fernando General Hospital.

She was discharged about two weeks ago and was partially paralysed.

No one was held in connection with that shooting. The police also found a loaded gun in Deosaran’s jeep after the crash.

Dottin recalled visiting her at the hospital after that shooting.

He said the shooters tried to finish her off, but she had survived.

Dottin added, “The family was under threat. I went to her home soon after the incident. At that time, she was still in the hospital.”

“This second occasion, the gunmen made sure that this time they finished her off.”

The second shooting makes one think that the people who shot her the first time were not satisfied.

In the double homicide, residents heard gunshots and called the police.

The police said gunmen got out of a car and entered the house.

A white car was seen driving off afterwards. The police later found a white car fitting the description abandoned in the district.

The police do not have a motive for the murders.

The killers were still at large on Friday.

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.

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