Man killed with broken bottle in Point Fortin


The blood stains near the spot where Anthony Greene died on Friday night after he was stabbed with a broken bottle. – Lincoln Holder

Anthony Curtis Greene was said to be walking away from an altercation in Point Fortin on Friday night when a young man fatally attacked him with a broken bottle.

Greene, also known as Fighter, was stabbed with a broken glass bottle and died. The killer also threw bottles at him. The incident happened in the old NP service station at the Guapo/Cap-de-Ville Road near Warden Road, Point Fortin.

On Saturday, Greene’s former common-law wife Jacqueline Murray revisited the scene where he took his last breath.

She said he was earlier seen liming in the area. An argument broke out at a nearby house, and things escalated quickly.

Although she gave no information about the killer, she believed him to be “a child.”

Kathleen Greene recounts the events after her brother Anthony Greene was stabbed to death on Friday at Point Fortin. – Lincoln Holder

“Fighter did not hit anybody. He was walking away, and the child killed him. He told me he was going to meet his mother,” Murray said.

“We lived together for six years and remained good friends. He even bought me a beer last night. He was a loving man who also loved to drink.”

Greene was employed at the Point Fortin Borough Corporation and also cut grass in people’s yards.

He lived at Point Ligoure in Point Fortin.

Greene’s sister Kathleen Greene said their mother, Hilda Greene, 81, died from the coronavirus in February. He got the nickname, Fighter, owing to his love for caring for fighter fish.

“He was not a bad boy, although he spent about ten years in prison for drugs. He was a calypsonian and won trophies from competitions in the Carerra prison. He liked to sing and drink,” Greene said.

Murder victim Anthony Greene –

She recalled that around 7 pm on Friday, one of her nieces called and told her he was chopped and killed. He hardly visited her, but she loved her brother.

Kathleen went and saw the body on the ground.

“He was wearing a pair of (rubber) boots. The police did not allow me to get near the body. I cannot say what he was doing there or what happened,” she said.

Up to Saturday, the killer remained at large.

South Western Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.

Meanwhile, police are also investigating reports of a man’s body being found at Dump Road in Arima on Saturday. Further details were unavailable at press time.

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