RCMP say officers fired on in La Ronge, 2 gunmen sought

RCMP say officers came under fire in La Ronge, Sask., on Sunday, and the Mounties have urged residents to shelter in place until the two suspects are found.

Officers are responding to the incident in the town about 600 kilometres north of Regina, and residents should expect an increased police presence in the area, the Mounties said in a news release.

Police are asking residents to seek immediate shelter or shelter in place until told otherwise. They are also encouraging people to close and lock all windows and doors.

Motorists are being advised to not stop for hitchhikers, and the RCMP has asked that people refrain from disclosing police locations on social media.

In a news release, police described one suspect as a man with short, dark hair with the sides shaved, wearing dark pants and a dark shirt with gold patterns down the sleeves, and dark runners.

He last seen on foot in the area of Far Reserve Road in the Village of Air Ronge, and that there was a possible sighting of the suspect going north on Highway 2, RCMP said.

RCMP said they don’t have a description of the second suspect. However, they said, the suspect is believed to be inside “house 136” on Far Reserve Road in Air Ronge.

Anyone with an emergency or tips in connection with this event are asked to call 911.

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