Give adequate details when making anonymous reports


Deputy director of the Police Complaints Authority Michelle Solomon-Baksh. File photo/Roger Jacob

Deputy director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Michelle Solomon-Baksh says while the public can make anonymous reports against rogue police officers, they must provide as much details as possible for them to properly investigate all cases.

Responding to questions from participants of a virtual discussion on the work of the authority on Thursday, Solomon-Baksh said while the public can make anonymous reports on police misconduct via the PCA’s mobile app and website, it was important to provide as much information as possible.

She stressed that since no information on the person making the complaint will be available, it was crucial that as many details surrounding the officers involved be documented.

“I have to advise the public when they choose to make their complaint anonymously we do require as much information as possible, we need certain details.

“We need a proper identification of the officer and if you don’t know the name or registration number of the officer, how tall, how short, his race, his age and if you have documents, you can still provide us with the documents.

“If you just make the complaint in a very bare-bones manner or with little information we won’t be able to take a detailed investigative line, when you make it anonymously please tell us everything you have to tell us.”

For his part, director of the PCA David West agreed that sufficient details were necessary to begin a thorough probe into allegations of misconduct.

He also suggested that people who wish to stay anonymous should provide contact information for any follow-up questions.

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