See the 2022 Indigenous Summer Games in action

The 2022 Indigenous Summer Games are in full swing.

The Games kicked off Thursday in Yellowknife with traditional Northern and Dene games such as ring toss, triple jump, swing kick and Dene wrestling. 

Take a look at the competitors in action, and the friends and family that have come to watch.

Participants gather around Friday morning as event manager Carson Roche explains the rules for ring toss, the first game of the day. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Two-year-old Hallie Zawyrucha, left, and one-year-old Avery Evans pose for a photo in front of a Summer Games sign. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Friends and family have come out to the Summer Games to and cheer on the competitors. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Joseph Gon competes in a round of ring toss for the junior boys division. Ring toss is a Dene game that helps practise accuracy. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Carly Gon warms up for ring toss ahead of the beginning of the first event of the Summer Games. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Rainah Abel, left, Madiosn Isadore-Michel, centre, her cousin Konaitlii Sundberg in her lap, and Naiomi Michel-Isadore sit together on the sidelines. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Rings are flying at the Summer Games. The ring toss was the first of many games that are scheduled throughout the long weekend. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Brendan McAllister throws Nathan Blake down to the ground for the win in the second round of their faceoff of Dene wrestling. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Madison Isadore-Michel swings around Jodi Olifie in a match of junior girls Dene wrestling. Both competitors put up a tough fight, coming out with some bumps and bruises. (Rose Danen/CBC)

The events are taking place at St. Patrick High School and Weledeh Catholic School. 

The games will wrap up on July 3. 

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