Self Help chairman to San Fernando beneficiaries: Use grants wisely


Myrtle Ramrekha receives her grant from National Commission for Self Help chairman Adrian Winter at a distribution of minor repair and reconstruction grants at San Fernando City Hall. – Lincoln Holder

The National Commission for Self Help Ltd gave out $682,000 worth of grants to “deserving beneficiaries” in San Fernando on Thursday.

Its chairman Adrian Winter urged them to use the grants wisely and for the intended purpose.

“Remember, the people of Trinidad and Tobago, through their government, have placed their trust in you and count on you to uphold that trust. It is not free money,” Winter said. “These grants are funded by taxpayers’ dollars, which could have been used toward other developmental projects, but we have chosen to directly invest in you.”

He spoke at the distribution ceremony at the City Hall auditorium at Harris Promenade.

Janice Nowelling and Kenneth Nowleeling from the Step Up and Reach Out charity receive their community grant from National Commission for Self Help chairman Adrian Winter at a distribution of minor repair and reconstruction grant at City Hall, San Fernando. – Lincoln Holder

A total of 37 people got minor repairs and reconstruction grants, valued at up to $15,000, and emergency repairs/ reconstruction assistance grants worth up to $25,000.

Sport and Community Development Minister Shamfa Cudjoe was not at the ceremony and Winter apologised for her absence, saying she had been called away to deal with an urgent matter.

He said the commission has pride in the purpose staffers serve.

CEO Gary Romain and councillor for Springvale/Paradise Naigum Joseph also attended.

Roman “confessed” that the commission has “an addiction.”

“We are unable to stop this habit, and we will not stop. We are addicted to helping people, to seeing the smiling faces of people who have received a chance of a better standard of living.

“We have been able to feed our addiction by being afforded the opportunity to assist deserving ones like yourselves, people who are now able, through our programmes, to do the much-needed repairs to their homes.”

National Commission for Self Help Chairman Adrian Winter. – Lincoln Holder

Romain asked the recipients to share their knowledge about getting the commission’s help with other people who may need the same services.

“Show them the steps you took and let them know that there is an organisation that is ready and willing to assist and that you yourselves have benefited.

“We at the commission remain anchored in our vision and steadfast in our determination to each one of our eligible applicants.”

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