Kamla berates Rowley for ‘toting feelings’ against journalist


Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has condemned the behaviour of the Prime Minister as he berated Newsday’s Darren Bahaw at his news conference last Saturday. Persad- Bissessar questioned Rowley’s mental health.

Addressing supporters at the United National Congress (UNC) Monday night meeting, she said it was painful, “to watch Rowley go mad and meltdown” at the news conference before his departure to Suriname.

“If you all saw it, you would know that what we actually witnessed on Saturday was an embarrassing Prime Minister essentially confessing that he is powerless and incompetent to govern this country.

“After a whole month, countless scandals, storm, flood, murder spree Rowley finally resurfaced and did what, just to berate a reporter and behave like a madman.

“He berated Darren Bahaw, toting feels for about 15 years, about an alleged headline in a story written by Bahaw. I am worried about his mental health.

“Just like his AG, he may have had a memory lapse and forgot,” she said in reference to the PM’s misinformed recollection of the headline he took umbrage with.

She played the audio and video clip of the incident in which Bahaw incurred Rowley’s wrath when he sought clarification about due diligence done before appointing embattled Reginald Armour to be Attorney General.

“Look at this clip and tell me if this is any sort of behaviour of someone sitting in Whitehall.

“He cannot face tough questions and you can see how easily he melts down like a child. Imagine this man in a negotiation room and the minute things get difficult he begins to throw a tantrum.

“Mental illness is a serious issue and I am not making any jokes here. I am serious that this man’s behaviour and mental stability is a cause for concern.”

She said his misinformation about the word “appear” in relation to a court appearance and his association of criminals may have been a Freudian slip or maybe he needs a refresher course in reading and comprehension.

“I cannot say.”

She said Bahaw’s story about Rowley’s first appearance in the Landate matter was “totally legit and nothing about somebody thiefing material from a hospital in Tobago.”

“Look at how he behaved when asked about the crisis he has caused in our country by appointing the lying and disgraced Reginald Armour as AG.”

She said while Rowley buffed reporters, while saying Armour’s separation from the Miami matter was a recusal and not disqualification, Armour himself admitted he was disqualified and has appealed the ruling.

“Try as the reporter might, he could not convince Rowley that he was wrong—but madmen, dictators and unapologetic fools never admit when they’re wrong, anyway.

“But to compound his stupidity, Rowley then unleashed a stream of vicious personal attacks on reporter Darren Bahaw for an incident that took place nearly 15 years ago.”

She cautioned, “let me tell you this Rowley—no amount of ranting and disputing proper and legitimate legal terminology, be it ‘disqualified’ or ‘appear in court’ will change the fact that your lying AG has seriously compromised the sacred office of Attorney General, our Constitution, our international reputation and your failed Government, and must be fired.”

She said Rowley has reneged on his duty as Prime Minister and has admitted that he is simply incompetent and incapable of running this country.

“He is better at running out of the country than running our affairs.

“Rowley and his Government have collapsed. He must call the elections now and let the people consign him to the dustbin of our political history.”

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