Three die of covid19, 143 more infected


Image courtesy CDC

THREE more people have died of covid19, said the Ministry of Health in its daily update on Friday, while 143 more were infected from Wednesday-Thursday.

The dead are two elderly males and an elderly female. Two of them had multiple comorbidities, and one had a single comorbidity. These included diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and cancer.

Trinidad and Tobago now has 6,173 active cases.

Since the virus reached TT in March 2020, some 4,024 people have died. Of these, 3,336 were not fully vaccinated, 294 were fully vaccinated, and 390 deaths occurred before May 24, 2021 when vaccination began.

Of all covid19 patients between July 22, 2021 and July 6, some 15,672 (80.6 per cent) were not fully vaccinated; 3,777 (19.4 per cent) per cent were fully vaccinated.

During the pandemic, 168,039 patients have tested positive, of whom 157,842 recovered.

At present, 6,081 are in home self-isolation, 92 in hospital and none in step-down facilities.

To date, 777,656 people have been tested, of whom 326,460 were tested at private facilities and 451,196 at public facilities.

Of TT’s population, 51.0 per cent are now fully vaccinated, namely 714,526 people, compared to 685,474 who have had no doses or just a first dose.

Of those people who are fully vaccinated, some 656,967 had the second dose of a two-dose regime and 57,559 a single-dose regime. Some 693,974 people have had the first of a two-dose regime. Some 166,558 have had a booster dose.

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