Strong winds damage houses in Mayaro/Guayaguayare



Strong winds during heavy rain blew off several roofs early on Sunday morning in Mayaro and Guayaguayare.

A total of nine homes were damaged, affecting 20 residents.

One affected person, Franklyn Charles, of St Ann’s Village, said he ran to safety after the roof of his wooden structure blew off.

He said live electrical wires were still attached to the house.

Chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation Raymon Cozier said there were no reported injuries.

Four families were affected at Lewis and Sucre Street, off the Manzanilla Road in Mayaro. Other affected Mayaro residents live at Solomon Street and St Ann’s Hill. Residents of Calmapas Village in Guayaguayare were also affected, Cozier said.

He visited some of the families and dropped off food. He also told the disaster management unit of the corporation, and workers dropped off mattresses, tarpaulins and other items. T&T Electricity Commission (T&TEC) workers and fire officers also visited.

“At St Ann’s Hill, a roof landed in the road, and villagers came out and cleared the road. They tried to see how best they could install the roof. I commend the residents for their efforts,” Cozier said.

“In December, 15 roofs were blown off in the St Ann’s Hill area. To date, none of the householders received assistance from the National Commission for Self Help Ltd to repair the roofs. Now, we have more roofs being blown off.”

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