Flight delays ongoing in Calgary due to air traffic control outage

Flights are delayed at Calgary International Airport this morning as the airport’s navigation system is experiencing an outage.

A spokesperson with the airport confirmed to CBC News that a system outage with Nav Canada has led to ongoing issues.

There is also an ongoing problem with WestJet’s self-serve baggage drop, though earlier nationwide issues involving infrastructure and online payment services have been resolved.

Self-serve baggage drop is not functioning properly in Calgary as well as Ottawa, Saskatoon and Halifax.

“Guests are encouraged to arrive early and check flight status before heading to the airport,” reads a statement posted by the airline on its Twitter feed.

Nav Canada, which operates the nation’s air navigation system, said the disruption was being caused by one of its telecommunications service providers, Zayo. According to Nav Canada, Zayo was estimating a two- to four-hour restoration time as of about 8:30 a.m. MT.

“Ensuring the safe movement of air traffic in Canadian airspace is Nav Canada’s top priority,” said Brian Boudreau, a spokesperson with Nav Canada, in an email.

“As such, air traffic control will reduce the flow of departures and arrivals temporarily in some situations until Zayo has restored service. Procedures are in place to assure safety of aircraft in our airspace.”

The airport spokesperson said more updates will be provided as they become available.

A spokesperson with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority said the outage appears to be affecting only Western Canada, adding operations at Toronto’s Pearson airport are normal.

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