Gun violence claims 3 in Marabella, Port of Spain and D’Abadie


Three men were killed between Friday and Saturday in separate incidents in Marabella, Port of Spain, D’Abadie as gun violence continued to plague the country.

In the most recent incident, Simon Leroy Torrey was shot and killed shortly before noon on Saturday outside a roti shop as his companion went to buy food.

According to a police report, Torrey was parked in a blue Nissan Almera near the D’Abadie Government Primary School when a man armed with a gun fired several shots hitting Torrey several times in the driver’s seat. The shooter fled on foot.

On Friday night, Garvin Batien, the owner of an unofficial gambling club on George Street, Port of Spain was shot and killed. Batien was shot in his head and back by masked gunmen at his gambling club.

His brother who was also shot in his upper leg and buttocks before the gunmen fled on foot. Officers of Inter-Agency Task Force took the victims to hospital where Bastien’s brother warded in stable condition.

And on Friday morning In Marabella, Stephan Ravello, 26, was shot and killed close to his home in West Bayshore.

According to the police report, Ravello left home close to midnight looking for copper. Nearing 4 am, Ravello’s common-law wife reported hearing loud explosions and when she checked, she found her husband bleeding in the neighbouring yard opposite their home.

Ravello, an assistant chef at Caura Hospital, was hit by gunshots to his arm, head and chest.

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