Venezuelan woman declared dead at hospital after shooting


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A Venezuelan woman was killed on Sunday morning after she and two of her countrymen were shot.

Police reported that at about 4.45 am Mayerlin Carreno, 23, of St Augustine was with two other Venezuelans, an 18-year old man and 22-year-old woman, when they were attacked. The woman was shot in the abdomen and the man in he groin.

Police said they responded to a call of gunshots at Evans Street, Curepe, and found the deceased in the back seat of a vehicle, make and model unknown. She was then taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where she was declared dead.

No motive was given for the shooting. Police did not say where Carreno and the others lived and if they were shot in the vehicle.

Police recovered seven spent 5.56 mm shells at the scene.

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