Scotiabank, Families in Action team to train youths


From left, Scotiabank’s Stacy Dhanessar, Senior Manager, Human Resources; Lisa Bholai, Manager, Staffing, Recruitment and Selection and Nazra Mohammed, Assistant Manager, Staffing, Recruitment and Selection during a virtual interview preparation and resume writing workshop as part of the bank’s recent collaboration with Families in Action to train young people in the world of work. PHOTO COURTESY SCOTIABANK – Scotiabank

FOR THE past 11 years, the Scotiabank Foundation and Families in Action have been collaborating to help young people prepare for their future. To date, 500 young adults have benefited from the programmes conducted.

The Adulting 101 Programme, which was introduced in 2019, is a two-week initiative for young adults aged 16-19 who engage in sessions focused on topics such as: positive transitioning & self-awareness, entrepreneurship, building communication skills, financial management, social media management, interview preparation and the importance of paying it forward.

The initiative pivoted to a virtual format in 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic.

“The response to this year’s programme was nothing short of incredible, with nearly 200 young people applying within three days of registration opening,” said Sasha Rauseo, Project Lead, Youth, Families in


“We applaud the passion, commitment and determination of this year’s Adulting 101 cohort, and we look forward to the impactful contributions they will make to our society. We also extend our appreciation to the Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation.

“Their dedication to the positive progression of our nation’s youth, allows us yearly to impact the lives of so many youths in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

This year, 40 young adults participated from Scotiabank-led workshops on interview preparation and resume writing as well as financial management.

Volunteers from the bank’s human resources team shared valuable insights on how to write a winning resume that will stand out in the crowd and increase chances of being short listed. Participants also benefited from tips on “showing up” and being authentic and professional at interviews.

“The training session on interview preparation and office protocols was very helpful and informative. The presenters gave insightful information on resume writing and interview preparation. I appreciated that they covered various aspects of the interview process and gave useful examples.

“With their help, I now feel better prepared for my future interviews and to face the work environment. Thank you, Scotiabank and Families in Action, for this amazing opportunity,” said programme participant Maya Hazel, 19.

Participants in financial management workshop benefited from knowledge of managing money for financial success. This workshop was facilitated by Sameer Mohammed, Chief Accountant and Comptroller, who shared knowledge for the wealth formula, including: wants vs needs, sticking to a budget, caution for unregulated instruments, benefits of a credit card, importance of building a robust savings plan and repayment of debt.

“By the end of today’s session, I was equipped with the information needed to properly manage my finances while making investments and much more, which is essential knowledge for young adults like myself,” said programme participant, Mishael Husband, 18.

The programme ended on July 15, during which teams presented their Pay It Forward projects, designed to instil a mindset of civic responsibility and giving back to communities.

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