Tropical wave now west of Trinidad and Tobago, yellow alert extended to 7pm Sunday


In this November 2021 several streets in Port of Spain were flooded with the sudden deluge of rain shortly before noon.

Photos by Jeff K Mayers

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological (Met) Service on Sunday, said a tropical wave was now west of the country and, with this, occasional periods of showers were still expected. As as result, a yellow-level alert that begin on Friday at 5 am, has been extended to now end at 7 pm on Sunday.

The Met Service said the extension was issued as occasional showers were still expected because of lingering convergence behind the tropical wave axis.

Last Thursday the service sent out an initial alert saying adverse conditions from a tropical wave would last from 6 am to 6 pm on Friday. On Friday, that alert was then extended to noon on Sunday as TT was to be affected by another tropical wave from Saturday afternoon.

Rain from the first system began before 5 am on Friday in some places.

Flooding was reported in Diego Martin, Tabaquite, Las Lomas, Gasparillo, Brasso Road and Todd’s Road and there were reports of landslides in St Augustine, Barracakpore and the North Coast Road.

In its update on Sunday, the Met Service said there was a continuing medium to high chance of isolated thunderstorms.

“The ground continues to be saturated, so heavy showers/thunderstorms may result in street flooding or isolated flash flooding events, and smaller water courses may also be overwhelmed in some areas,” it added.

There was also the chance of landslips and landslides again in areas prone to them.

Gusty winds in excess of 55 km/hr are possible and seas could be agitated, at times, in sheltered areas, the alert said.

The service reminded the public not to drive through flood waters, residents also smaller water courses and in areas with poor drainage should be vigilant.

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