Damaged by landslip, N.Coast Rd open to single lane traffic


Ministry of Works and Transport, Highway Division workers use plastic to cover the area where the landslip took place to prevent any more damage to the North Coast Road on Saturday. – AYANNA KINSALE

THE Ministry of Works and Transport said that the area of the North Coast Road (11km mark) – between the lookout and Maracas Bay – which was damaged by a landslip which occurred following heavy thundershowers last Friday, is open to single lane traffic.

The ministry’s Highways Division conducted extensive repair work over the weekend to stabilise the slippage and prevent further collapse of the road.

Although interim work was completed earlier on MOnday, the ministry said in a press release, technical and infrastructural surveys are ongoing to develop a solution to address the landslips and restore full connectivity.

The public was asked to exercise extreme caution when traversing the North Coast Road.

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