Heavy rains cause floods across Trinidad


A vehicle drives through floodwaters on New Colonial Road, Barrackpore, after heavy rains on Tuesday. – Lincoln Holder

Heavy rain in Trinidad on Tuesday left several areas across the country flooded.

Part of the Darren Ganga recreation ground at the corner of GP Road and New Colonial Road, Barrackpore, was submerged in water, making the road impassable to low vehicles.

One driver made light of the flood, saying it has been recurring for many years.

A man looks on as vehicles pass through floodwaters on Mission Road, Freeport, after heavy rains on Tuesday. – AYANNA KINSALE

“As you can see, only trucks and vans can pass. Just now, we would have to buy boats to use this road because every time we get heavy rain, we expect a flood,” a driver on the New Colonial Road said.

There were also street and flash flooding at Harrypaul Village and Lallbeharry Trace, Debe, and parts of the Papourie Road from Debe to Barrackpore, like at Hassanali Trace and Amin Trace.

Several drivers rerouted, not wanting to pass through the flood waters. Some also waited for the water to subside.

The TT Weather Centre reported significant street flooding along Cedar Hill Road, Claxton Bay. The centre also said there was flooding at Babooram Trace, St Mary’s Village, in Moruga.

There were no injuries reported.

The 5 pm summary of hazard update on Tuesday from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) said the south central region had three reports of residential flooding.

These were at Walker Trace and Tewari Circular in Freeport and Scorpion Road, Chase Village in Chaguanas. There was also a report of flash flooding on the Solomon Hochoy Highway, Freeport, near Courts.

Men ride a truck to avoid walking to floodwaters on Mission Road, Freeport, after heavy rains on Tuesday. – AYANNA KINSALE

The north west region had four reports of landslips— at Upper Councilmon Gardens, Malick, Barataria, Upper Laventille Road in Laventille, St Ann’s Road, between Ariapita Road and Plaisance Road, Port of Spain, and at Fondes Amandes Road in St Ann’s.

A fallen tree at La Canoa Road, Vickey Trace in Lower Santa Cruz also caused damage to a house.

The OPDM said there were no incidents reported in the south west, east and north central regions as well as in Tobago.

In light of the bad weather, the ODPM called on everyone to have emergency plans during the wet and hurricane season.

People can reduce potential property damage, the ODPM said, by securing their roofs in the event of gusty winds.

People can also move to higher levels of homes or buildings if flood waters threaten the lower levels.

The ODPM advises people to keep a “grab and go bag” or emergency kit ready.

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