Cops clear burning bush, debris along north coast


File photo

Police from various units in the North Eastern Division were called in to clear burning bush and debris from four areas along the north coast early on Monday morning.

Sources said a few men were seen setting fire to blockades at points in La Fillette, Blanchisseuse and two points in Maracas at around 6 am.

Police from the North Eastern Division Task Force, the Maracas police station and the coastal patrol unit extinguished the fires.

But officers said in some areas the men returned after the police left and set fire to more bush on the road.

Police from the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB) were sent back.

No additional blackades were reported in these areas up to 10 am.

Police said they were unsure what led to the fires, as residents did not seem to know the reason for them.

“We have residents assisting the police with outing the fires, so whoever seems to be doing this it appears they are only a small number of people.

“When the officers get to the scene they aren’t seeing anyone lingering around: they seem to just start the fire and run away into the bushes. So we’re not sure why they are doing this.

:ut we are on the ground and keeping a close eye on this.”

One officer blamed the incident on “mischief-makers” and promised there would be a visible police presence.

No one has been arrested for the blockades.

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