Shots fired by man lurking near Besson Street police station


The Besson Street Police Station. – Photo by Vidya Thurab

PORT of Spain Division police are investigating two men who were seen monitoring and then trying to break into the Besson Street police station early on Sunday morning.

Police said officers who were on duty at around 1.08 am and were monitoring CCTV footage, noticed a white Nissan Tiida parked at the top of Piccadilly Street near the drag mall.

The officers later noticed a man get out of the car and began lingering near the police station. Police said he appeared to be conducting surveillance on the station.

The officers got out of the station to confront the man when they saw him getting back into the car. As the officers approached, the fired shots at the officers as the car sped off. Police returned fire.

The car sped off on Piccadilly Street before turning onto Independence Square.

As the officers returned to the station to get a police car to chase the gunman, they received a report that a woman was just shot near New City Mall on Independence Square.

Police went to the scene and took the 27-year-old woman to the Port of Spain General hospital where she was treated for a gunshot wound to her right foot.

The officers returned to the Besson Street police station and on checking CCTV footage they saw the car was parked near the police station from 12.25 am and later drove off only to return and park once again near the station.

They also saw a man trying to enter the western side of the police station but was unsuccessful.

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