Teacher robbed in Rio Claro


File photo

A 57-year-old teacher was robbed at her home in Rio Claro around 5 pm on Sunday.

Police say Jody Madho was at her home at Latchram, Trace, Riverside Road, Fonrose Village, Rio Claro when two masked men entered her home and demanded cash and jewellry. One was armed with a pistol and the other was armed with a crowbar.

Madho was tied and gagged. She was robbed of $300 in cash, gold jewellry valued at $13,500, a cell phone valued at $8,000, ID card, driver’s permit, bank cards and her car keys.

After the men left, Madho managed to free herself and alerted a mobile police patrol that was in the area.

Police searched the area but the two suspects were not found.

Madho received medical treatment at the Rio Claro Health Centre.

Police investigations are continuing.

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