Met Office issues second yellow-level adverse weather alert


File photo/Lincoln Holder

The Meteorological Service has issued a second yellow-level adverse weather alert. The alert began at 2 am and is expected to last until 6 pm on Wednesday.

On its website, the Met Office said periods of rain and/or showers of varying intensities have been observed from early this morning. It said this is due to a combination of the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and a low-level trough.

There is also a 70 per cent chance of thunderstorms. Heavy downpours could produce accumulations in excess of 25 millimetres.

It said street/flash flooding and localised ponding are also likely in heavy downpours. Gusty winds in excess of 55 kilometres/hour may be experienced in the area of showers/thunderstorms.

The Met Office said people should not wade or drive through flood waters and asked the public to monitor weather conditions and official updates.

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