Flooding in several areas Wednesday


A combination of the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and a low-level trough resulted in rain, storms, and thunderstorms in TT on Wednesday.

Northeastern Trinidad bore the brunt of the bad weather, with flooding being reported at Arima Old Road, Tumpuna Old Road, Malabar and the Eastern Main Road in Arouca, as well as Congo Hill Trace in Barrackpore. Portions of the Priority Bus Route were also reported as experiencing flooding.

The Guanapo River at Manuel Congo Road, Tumpuna South, the Caroni River at Tumpuna Road, San Raphael, and the Arouca River in the vicinity of Arouca Road overflowed their banks

The SWRHA closed six health centres because of the bad weather. These were at Moruga, Rochard Douglas, Todd’s Road, Flanagin, Tabaquite, and Lengua.

Councillor for Biche/Charuma Charlene Moona said heavy rainfall beginning in the early hours of the morning resulted in flooding in several areas.

“There has been flooding in the Plum Mitan, Cushe and Lasalle areas. The disaster management unit has been out all day assisting to get people who would have gone to work to get them back home. In Plum Mitan, the road became impassable, so we provided a truck and the workers were there to assist them to get across.”

The TT Meteorological Service issued two yellow-level adverse weather alerts, beginning at 2 am on Wednesday. It said periods of rain and/or showers of varying intensities have been observed from early morning. The alert was discontinued at 4:51 pm on Wednesday.

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