First Nations hire outreach workers to find their own people on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Haisla First Nation outreach worker James Harry had vision as he walked the streets and alleys of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside looking for his own people struggling with addiction and helping them get off the streets. He envisioned outreach workers from other First Nations working with him. And now his vision is becoming a reality. Outreach workers from […]

Part I

There are only around 250 of them left in Latvia today, many scattered far from the coastline which bears their name. Theirs is a Finnic language related to Finnish and Estonian. Hundreds of years ago it was spoken throughout much of Latvia, but as its speakers assimilated into the surrounding population, Livonian began a slow […]

Trans Mountain’s COVID-19 costs are now $12.5 million and growing

New numbers show that Trans Mountain’s COVID-19 costs are now 10 times higher than the figure the pipeline initially reported. Last month, the federal government-owned pipeline said it had spent about $1.2 million on measures to keep employees safe during the pandemic. New figures show that Trans Mountain has actually dropped about $12.5 million on related COVID-19 expenses across the organization. […]

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