Strange pandemic recession means retailers’ biggest season is only a bust for some

Boarded-up shop fronts and well-publicized cries of pain from retailers might leave you thinking the pandemic is the Grinch that stole Christmas shopping. But in what is the most peculiar recession in at least a century — and despite research by accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) that suggests Canadians planned to spend 31 per cent less this holiday season — some of the results so […]

As passengers pushed for refunds, Air Canada got more than $400 million from wage subsidy

This story is part of The Big Spend, a CBC News investigation examining the unprecedented $240 billion the federal government handed out during the first eight months of the pandemic. Air Canada has received the largest amount of government pandemic aid of all publicly traded companies in Canada that have disclosed their finances to shareholders to date, a CBC News investigation […]

Dementia patients take up Ontario psychiatric beds ill-suited to their care, experts say

Mental health researchers are sounding the alarm over a growing body of data suggesting that dementia patients in Ontario are increasingly being assigned to scarce health-care beds ostensibly reserved for psychiatric patients. Medical experts describe the trend as troubling, noting such moves threaten to overtax a mental health system that struggles to deliver adequate psychiatric […]

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